Mackinac Island

6 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Mackinac Island

While the name sounds none too fancy, it is the place that has drawn travelers, dreamers and artistic individuals from all around the world. It is where you convinced the 10 year old in yourself those fairytale weddings and Disney romantic scenes took place. It wouldn’t be too far from the truth, as many pictures are evidence to the beauty and the impression of time standing still to give an old, underappreciated and mysterious charm to the island.

And if we didn’t mention it already, it is an island. That one word contains all the magic any avid traveler requires as inspiration to visit this island. Before you do, here are some things to keep in mind.


The island has a ban on cars, because of obvious reasons, so having a bike handy and polishing those rusty skills will be God-given. It becomes an effective mode of transportation and will allow you to better enjoy those biking tours. The simplest, yet most forgotten tip, would be to make sure your bike stands out to you, and only you. In a rush, it becomes easy to grab any bike and this becomes an obligation in itself.
In terms of other transportation available, you have the ferries that require an upfront amount to carry along your bike. If you aren’t willing to pay this fee (it is a small amount) or have other complications that requires using a lot of ferries, there are plenty of places around that offer bikes on rent by the hour or day.

Decide your stay wisely

You will get a lot of options, whether to reside in the city or take a campsite further away from the action or stay on the island itself. Staying in the nearby city means the entire day will be solely focused on doing event one after the other; this is erased if you stay on the island itself which allows you the leisure of more frequent yet shorter breaks before making sure to catch the last ferry off the island. Of course, if you plan to extend your stay for a few days and plan well enough for time off and on the island, you can enjoy your trip leisurely.

If your stay is at the nearest city and not on the island, you will need to use the ferry for transportation and might be interested in investing in multi-day ferry tickets – these can save a considerable amount of money, especially if you plan to visit the island multiple times during your stay.

Weather and Clothing

It’s a trip, and a fancy one at that, so of course you want to look your best. This appeal is to the version of you that will need some well-needed comfort and flexibility when trudging over bikes and travelling all around the island and off as well. Sports shoes and light coloured, loose fitting clothing suit your needs best. Some hotels have stricter dressing codes so make sure you’re aware of the same. If you do plan your stay on the island, you obviously have the luxury of time to change into event-appropriate clothing, so enjoy!

Not Mile-happy

There are a lot of miles to cover on this semi well-trodden path. Many sites that are of interest to tourists are spaced far and wide and that means a lot of travel. The downtown area has the best supplies for your basic necessities but the same cannot be expressed for the various routes and pathways you eventually end up on. This makes a backpack handy and necessary. That it should be lightweight and easy to carry around is a silent reminder for tourist. Cover all your miscellaneous requirements in this that you will require, short of a mattress to sleep on the road. Medicines (emergency and otherwise), sunscreen, wipes, extra clothing and any other essentials that is unique to your needs. Do not forget water. Please.

Also they provide as handy carriers of the many souvenirs you will eventually end up buying. Trot along, get yourself some fudge and be the ‘fudgie’ of the Island! (yes, tourists are referred to as ‘fudgie’)

The ferry ride itself

We talked a lot about the ferry being a major medium of transportation, especially to those deciding to stay off the island, but we must not forget to mention that the ferry ride itself is a beautiful and serene way to witness the vast expanse of scenery, the setting sun that throws light and shadows haphazardly across Lake Huron and Mackinac bridge. Listen carefully to the tour guide if you are interested in knowing the interesting details while the ride smoothly sails to your destination. If you are interested in the night skies, cool and chilly breeze and colorful cruises, remember to sign up for the same!

Have a go-to meal plan

This helps. Plan where and what sort of meal you are looking forward to – and make sure you get there early to beat the rush hour. The island offers a variety of cuisines for a variety of customers – sandwiches, burgers and grand buffets, depending on your preferences. You can utilize the green spots and the riverside to have an outside lunch or dinner – it’s an ideal time to see more of the island and truly soak in the colourful lights, shops, people and the general experience.


15 ESSENTIAL Things To Do Before International Travel

While the pleasure of unplanned events happening randomly and with successful enjoyment is not to be denied, a planned trip assures every traveler the same enjoyment. Not to forget, there is a certain sense of happiness in ticking boxes and stepping closer to your goal. Every traveler must maintain a list of the most important things that will make your trip tick all the boxes of happiness, relaxation and fulfillment.

Here is a checklist to allow for the smooth functioning of travel planning.

Travel Documents

No two words are as important as these when it comes to travel, international or domestic. Unfortunately, the world isn’t still one big land mass and entry into countries still requires the formalities of passing numerous checks and verifications. Make this easier on yourself and detail the documents you’d need at every stage of arrival. Passport is the first document for verification – make sure that the passport’s validity as is the visa of the country of travel is updated and cover the days of travel. If you are a resident of a country different from that of origin, you must also make sure your host country’s identity verification documents are covered, as well.

Hotels and Flights

Most countries request for the detailed itinerary of your visit, including the payment details and your financial resources to make sure you are able to go to and fro from the country after the granted period. The proof of this lies in your hotel and flight bookings as well. Keep these in handy and registered from a trusted travel agent or by yourself, after due checks.

Visa Needs

Some countries do not need a travel visa from your origin country – find out if this is applicable in your case. Other have visa-on-arrival, reduced procedures or different procedures for different countries. It will do you good to keep yourself informed on all these parameters.

Emergency Contacts

Make sure a few close friends and/or family members have copies of your passport and travel itinerary so that they know where and how to reach you for an emergency. You can also save this information for your own emergencies, in case asked for by authorities.

Copy That

Always make sure you have digital or physical photocopies of all your relevant documents – it is good to have proof and information regarding the same even if you lose the original.

Prepare like an Exam

As it is always, it shouldn’t be difficult to dig up information on interesting topics and be aware of a detailed itinerary. You could be a traveler of different origins – the detailed 9-5 pm traveler, the paper guide-on-the-road, the traveler-guide person or even someone who simply walks along and allows experiences to come to them. Do read about the country you are visiting and gain interesting insights, rituals that may be welcomes or be considered offensive, places you may like to see or the interesting historical background. It never hurts to learn how to say basic phrases in the local language and be aware of your clothing.

Purchasing bills – physical

Commonly known as money, you can’t have enough of this. Physical cash is always a good option – keep this in the form of domestic, of the country you are travelling to and some handy US dollars. Metaphorically, but this also applies literally when you are traveling to another country.

Purchasing power – plastic

Credit cards are a good option but do not go overboard when perceiving a false image of limitless financing. They will come back as nightmares and haunt you on a rainy day. Also, make sure that your credit card companies are duly warned of this travel so that none of your purchases are declined due to suspicious circumstances. Keep yourself aware of international transaction fees if you need to get physical money off the ATM. Multiple cards is a good emergency back-up option.

Get yourself checked

We mean a health check-up. It is a good process to make sure that you don’t have any complications before travel or your existing ailments are not causing more trouble than they are. Stock up on the required medicines; it doesn’t hurt to carry extra, at the least not small strips of medicine.


This is definitely an overlooked category, with the way people freely walk ahead of huge posters at airports repeatedly questioning you of the same. Study carefully on the vaccinations you may require during your travel and build a schedule to get them as early as possible so that it starts to be effective immediately. Vaccine protocol differs in different countries and officials will verify if you have the recommended vaccinations if you have been to potential risk areas.


Make sure to pack comfortable dresses and pack them in a sturdy bag. Flexibility, breathability, increasing or decreasing layers according to the weather of the country – these are all for you to confirm in possession. Have a travel bag for toting your most important essentials around with you and as a dumping ground for water and snacks.

Staying Safe

This amounts to covering up your tracks and building Plans B and C for the Plan A. All of this again translates to travel insurance. You cannot predict what may or may not happen during your travels and it is always best to be prepared to the hilt. Even hotel and flight cancellations should have insurance – imagine being stranded in an unknown land, knowing none of the survival skills required. Avoid such a situation to the best of your capabilities.

Remind yourself of your health condition and take precautions accordingly.

Keeping Connected

This includes ensuring your mobile package covers the possibility of covering international calls, emergency or otherwise, and other services you may require. This might cover data as well. Download any offline maps you might consider to be useful. Download small sources of entertainment that doesn’t require to be connected to the Wi-Fi at all times. Remember to keep note of the nearest embassy of your home country.

Keep up the juice

Always remember, to stay connected, you need to be alive. Yes, we are pointing towards your chargers. All of this and if you have no charge – that will make for the first disappointment.


We will cover some essentials but do not forget; a lot depends on the country you’re visiting. Account for that as well. Besides that you will need your passport, visa (both covering the dates you are traveling and the required period recommended by authorities), cash (of all forms, cards and physical), your charger, headphones and eye-mask (because, comfort), adapters for the country you are travelling to, comfortable shoes and dresses, your medicines, baby wipes (never question this), a pen (never question this either) and a sweater (because you always feel cold when you never bring one). All toiletries should be in regulation-approved bottles or sachets.

Your Life

13 Quick Action You Can Do Today to Simplify Your Life

1.Morning jog

In this modern age, fitness is all about hitting the gym. Protein intakes and steroids have become common in the grind towards getting a ripped physique. What happened to an old fashioned morning jog? A morning job is beneficial to our body in countless ways. It brings about a certain harmony between your lungs and your heart as they work together and get the blood flowing. It is also a great time for you to play your day.

2. Make a list of your daily tasks in the order of importance

An organised day is a productive day. List out all the tasks of your day and rank them in order of importance. You can try Wunderlist to create your daily goals. Eliminate the not so important tasks that take up a lot of time. This will free up time in your schedule that can be used to do other activities like a hobby or maybe spending time with the wife and kids.

3. Live close to where you work/study

A pretty obvious way to reduce travel, avoid traffic and save time. Living close to where you work/study will give you enough time to take a morning jog and have a good meal before you head out. Not to mention the fuel you will save getting there will also reduce your carbon footprint.

4. Pack light

It takes a lot of practice but if done right, packing light is extremely satisfying. Not only will you have less weight to carry, you will also learn to use your resources sustainably. Carry no more than 10 items with you when you head out.

5. Clear and clean your work desk

Nobody likes working at a cluttered workplace. Apart from the obvious mess, it looks shabby and you will also have trouble searching for your stuff. Clear your desk, get rid of unwanted papers and feed your bin or your shredder. Organise your files and documents alphabetically or otherwise depending on your convenience. Have a picture of somebody special framed and put it on your desk to remind yourself about them during your busy day.

6. Reduce usage of social media

We do not realise how much time we waste on social media. Personally, when I open Instagram when I’m working, I lose at least 15 mins. And I reach for my phone a lot so that is a lot of time wasted. And it is not just Instagram. People use Facebook, snapchat, twitter, reddit, tinder and other social interactive apps for hours together. Seeking validation from strangers has become common among the millennials, I wonder why.

7. Get rid of things you don’t need

Minimise your possessions. Do not be extremely materialistic. Would that extravagant stone statue of a cannon look good in your lawn, of course! But before any outrageous purchase, ask yourself. Do you really need it?

8. Reduce your use of technology

Humans have been screen slaves. We have surrounded ourselves with Mobiles, computers and televisions. In this technological day and age, we have machines replacing humans at a rapid rate. Although it is not a bad thing to keep up with the times, sometimes it is just too much. People have forgotten the simple pleasures of life. I get it that few modern techs like auto garage door openers are fun tech, but you can’t be a slave of this new tech world. You might miss something beautiful happening as you’re walking down the road because you were busy looking at your phone. Air purifiers at home reduce the immunity of little kids, they are vulnerable when they step outside the house. Take a break from technology to remind yourself how simple life was during a time without gadgets.

9. Start using organic replacements of commercial products

Headache? Aspirin. It’s that easy now. Whatever happened to taking a steam? Commercial products make life easier and convenient. But it does not mean they are better right? Reduce buying commercial products in favour of natural practices and methods. Who needs a face pack when you have some lemons, and curd at home. It works the same and you save some cash so it is a win-win.

10. Grow your own food

What better way to get the best quality of food than to plant it yourself! You will not have to be concerned about whether the vegetables have been sprayed with harmful pesticides and fertilisers. Or any kind of unnatural growth formulae mixed into the soil for them to grow. A vegetable garden is a brilliant idea to help you enjoy your healthy food knowing that it hasn’t been tampered with.

11. Reduce your social circle

The more friends you have, the more plans you make and the more you go out. Every person has a small group of friends whom they think the world of. It is a small group because they are the ones who have been through the good and bad. Keep fake friends at bay to save yourself valuable time and energy.

12. Say no

Learning to say no is an important life hack. People say yes because they want to seem nice. But if you don’t want any part in it, why say yes. It will put you in a spot where you have to do something you absolutely have no interest in doing. Which in turn means you will not do it well. Saying no can be healthy, sometimes.

13. Quality over quantity

Putting quality over quantity is a sign of being a mature person capable of thinking about the long run. Any item that is well put together will last you a long time. And you will take care of it with all your heart as it gives you complete satisfaction. This includes both animate and inanimate objects.…


Best tips on making a long-distance relationship work

When it comes to long-distance relationships, it can be pretty hard to maintain it as there are many things you can not do with your partner that lives in a very far place that you can do with someone that you live in the same city as you do.

I’m in a long-distance relationship too and me and my partner have been in a relationship above a year and it’s been hard but also pretty amazing while there are bad things about being in a long-distance relationship, there are some amazing things about it too that you will only experience if you have someone that lives far away from you.

And today I will share my thoughts and experience of being in a long-distance relationship over a year and how I and my partner still handling this relationship very well.

My tips for having a healthy long-distance relationship are:

Be loyal and gain trust

The most important thing that you will first need a long-distance relationship is a trust that is not easy to build in a long-distance relationship as you don’t know what your partner is doing behind your back and what you doing behind their back, many people get the constant fear of their partner cheating on them and tend to overreact on little things because of having doubts in their mind and start getting super angry on small stuff which leads to fights and often to break up, while being in a long-distance relationship make sure never do that even if you have doubts don’t let them take over your mind as my partner once told me if I cheat is my choice not her fault, so if they cheat it’s their choice even if you fight about it won’t stop them so don’t choke them by questioning, doubting or fighting with them, gain their trust by believing in them.

Video chat every day

When you are in a long-distance relationship you cannot take it too long with just chat that constant need of seeing each other keep popping up In your mind, which is good and that’s why I would recommend video chatting for hours instead of just chatting when you video chat slowly you get to know some things that you never knew about that.

The cute stuff the gross stuff the weird stuff and you get used to them and get the liking of them too as you keep spending time. If you can not do video calls due to some issues, you can buy gadgets like long distance touch lamps to make them feel like near you. so make sure you do video chat every day even if it’s for an hour as you may get busy on some days and not be able to talk much.

Provide enough time and attention

When you are in a long-distance relationship it’s very necessary to give your partner the constant attention and time in your day they should know that you still care for them, try texting good morning messages when you wake up, keep saying I love you, ask how are they doing? Ask about their day, take care of them if they are eating properly or not be there to listen to their every problem.

There’s never been a single day when I didn’t wish my Gf good morning or didn’t tell her how much I love her, believe me not a single day and that’s why I’m still here with her as that’s what they need that’s what a long-distance relationship needs to work your time, your attention and your love and care.

Add intimacy in your relationship

Last thing that I will share with you is that you add that intimacy in your relationship with your partner we all know that every person has some needs that need to be taken care of and when the partner lives away it’s not easy for both of the gender to take care of it, so make sure you get that spice in your relationship, I would suggest try doing some things that you like and ask her what she likes, intimacy is all about chemistry knowing each other likes and dislikes and giving them what they need all about communication never feel shy to talk about your intimacy with your partner, whether it’s a long-distance relationship of normal relationship opening up about intimacy with your partner is really important to get that strong connection that will keep you together and help you to understand each other more and have that love get deeper.…

human health

11 reasons why water is important to human health

Water is the main source of our body you may have studied or heard that our body is made up of 70% water and it directly affect us if our water is not clean we for sure will get sick, so that’s why drinking water and drinking clean water is important.

There are many other things that water helps us, commonly that people know are flushing out waste of our body, help the brain to work properly, and also for maintaining the temperature of our body.

But there are other reasons that are more important or as important as those that will let you know how important istodrinkwater.


Do you know that water is the main source to create saliva, and without saliva you won’t be able to digest your food or even get it down your food pipe, less water intake can lead to decrease in Saliva and leaving your mouth dry that can cause a decrease in age and put you to many medications.


Body temperature

The water helps you to maintain the body temperature in your body when you work out and get sweaty your body loses the water it contains and if you don’t replenish the water it lost then you will start to feel an increase in temperature and get sick easily.


The main thing that we need water is for staying hydrated and keeping ourselves alive in this world and water does help us, as if get dehydrated we will lose salt and other important nutrient in our body and will start to feel blood pressure and constipation problems and will faint in need of water believe me it’s not what you want to experience.

Get rid of body waste

Water helps you get rid of the waste that our body contains through urination and sweat, mostly protecting your kidneys the waste materials from the kidneys are removed by urination and replaced with new fluids and keeps your kidneys healthy.

Get body in shape

When you are a sports person you need to have a low body fat percentage with high muscle mass and for that, it gives you the benefit of being more energetic.

If you do not drink enough water and you playing a sport your body will get dehydrated quickly and you will faint between the training and can experience serious problems.


It also helps maintain your stomach good so you don’t have to worry about your stomach, as while worrying about constipation finer isn’t the only solution you need enough water to make sure it dissolved and get some rotation inside.

Lose weight

There’s a reason why every Dietitian or gym trainer tells you to drink gallons of water in a day if you are losing weight and concentrating on total lean body, as when you drink water you go urinate a lot and water helps digest food easily too so when you urinate the extra fat that body have and don’t need it get flushed out with urination.

Helps with blood circulation

Water helps you to have that great blood circulation through your whole body and helps your blood carries all the nutrients and oxygen for an overall healthy body and helps you to stay fit.

Energy booster

Studies have shown that people drinking more water are usually having better and more energy than the person who’s drinking just enough or not enough water, water helps you to increase the metabolism rate that give you more energy and also helps you to reduce fat in your body.

Better mood

Do you know that it’s not just food that can affect your mood not drinking enough water can lead to stressful mind with lots of irritation and angry mood or sad mood, but if you drink enough water your brain function properly and send good vibes to your whole body and make your mood better?


This is one benefit that people paying a lot of money for as now days, like we said if you drink enough water you will get good blood circulation better mental health and an overall healthy body when everything works properly and stays healthy your body will on its own start to glow more and you will feel a lot better and younger although it won’t be enough alone for anti-aging it will surely help to give you benefits of better skin but it mostly depends on your genes too.