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11 reasons why water is important to human health

Water is the main source of our body you may have studied or heard that our body is made up of 70% water and it directly affect us if our water is not clean we for sure will get sick, so that’s why drinking water and drinking clean water is important.

There are many other things that water helps us, commonly that people know are flushing out waste of our body, help the brain to work properly, and also for maintaining the temperature of our body.

But there are other reasons that are more important or as important as those that will let you know how important istodrinkwater.


Do you know that water is the main source to create saliva, and without saliva you won’t be able to digest your food or even get it down your food pipe, less water intake can lead to decrease in Saliva and leaving your mouth dry that can cause a decrease in age and put you to many medications.


Body temperature

The water helps you to maintain the body temperature in your body when you work out and get sweaty your body loses the water it contains and if you don’t replenish the water it lost then you will start to feel an increase in temperature and get sick easily.


The main thing that we need water is for staying hydrated and keeping ourselves alive in this world and water does help us, as if get dehydrated we will lose salt and other important nutrient in our body and will start to feel blood pressure and constipation problems and will faint in need of water believe me it’s not what you want to experience.

Get rid of body waste

Water helps you get rid of the waste that our body contains through urination and sweat, mostly protecting your kidneys the waste materials from the kidneys are removed by urination and replaced with new fluids and keeps your kidneys healthy.

Get body in shape

When you are a sports person you need to have a low body fat percentage with high muscle mass and for that, it gives you the benefit of being more energetic.

If you do not drink enough water and you playing a sport your body will get dehydrated quickly and you will faint between the training and can experience serious problems.


It also helps maintain your stomach good so you don’t have to worry about your stomach, as while worrying about constipation finer isn’t the only solution you need enough water to make sure it dissolved and get some rotation inside.

Lose weight

There’s a reason why every Dietitian or gym trainer tells you to drink gallons of water in a day if you are losing weight and concentrating on total lean body, as when you drink water you go urinate a lot and water helps digest food easily too so when you urinate the extra fat that body have and don’t need it get flushed out with urination.

Helps with blood circulation

Water helps you to have that great blood circulation through your whole body and helps your blood carries all the nutrients and oxygen for an overall healthy body and helps you to stay fit.

Energy booster

Studies have shown that people drinking more water are usually having better and more energy than the person who’s drinking just enough or not enough water, water helps you to increase the metabolism rate that give you more energy and also helps you to reduce fat in your body.

Better mood

Do you know that it’s not just food that can affect your mood not drinking enough water can lead to stressful mind with lots of irritation and angry mood or sad mood, but if you drink enough water your brain function properly and send good vibes to your whole body and make your mood better?


This is one benefit that people paying a lot of money for as now days, like we said if you drink enough water you will get good blood circulation better mental health and an overall healthy body when everything works properly and stays healthy your body will on its own start to glow more and you will feel a lot better and younger although it won’t be enough alone for anti-aging it will surely help to give you benefits of better skin but it mostly depends on your genes too.