Best tips on making a long-distance relationship work

When it comes to long-distance relationships, it can be pretty hard to maintain it as there are many things you can not do with your partner that lives in a very far place that you can do with someone that you live in the same city as you do.

I’m in a long-distance relationship too and me and my partner have been in a relationship above a year and it’s been hard but also pretty amazing while there are bad things about being in a long-distance relationship, there are some amazing things about it too that you will only experience if you have someone that lives far away from you.

And today I will share my thoughts and experience of being in a long-distance relationship over a year and how I and my partner still handling this relationship very well.

My tips for having a healthy long-distance relationship are:

Be loyal and gain trust

The most important thing that you will first need a long-distance relationship is a trust that is not easy to build in a long-distance relationship as you don’t know what your partner is doing behind your back and what you doing behind their back, many people get the constant fear of their partner cheating on them and tend to overreact on little things because of having doubts in their mind and start getting super angry on small stuff which leads to fights and often to break up, while being in a long-distance relationship make sure never do that even if you have doubts don’t let them take over your mind as my partner once told me if I cheat is my choice not her fault, so if they cheat it’s their choice even if you fight about it won’t stop them so don’t choke them by questioning, doubting or fighting with them, gain their trust by believing in them.

Video chat every day

When you are in a long-distance relationship you cannot take it too long with just chat that constant need of seeing each other keep popping up In your mind, which is good and that’s why I would recommend video chatting for hours instead of just chatting when you video chat slowly you get to know some things that you never knew about that.

The cute stuff the gross stuff the weird stuff and you get used to them and get the liking of them too as you keep spending time. If you can not do video calls due to some issues, you can buy gadgets like long distance touch lamps to make them feel like near you. so make sure you do video chat every day even if it’s for an hour as you may get busy on some days and not be able to talk much.

Provide enough time and attention

When you are in a long-distance relationship it’s very necessary to give your partner the constant attention and time in your day they should know that you still care for them, try texting good morning messages when you wake up, keep saying I love you, ask how are they doing? Ask about their day, take care of them if they are eating properly or not be there to listen to their every problem. Don’t use any anonymous insta story viewer tool instead use your own Instagram account to make her feel special.

There’s never been a single day when I didn’t wish my Gf good morning or didn’t tell her how much I love her, believe me not a single day and that’s why I’m still here with her as that’s what they need that’s what a long-distance relationship needs to work your time, your attention and your love and care.

Add intimacy in your relationship

Last thing that I will share with you is that you add that intimacy in your relationship with your partner we all know that every person has some needs that need to be taken care of and when the partner lives away it’s not easy for both of the gender to take care of it, so make sure you get that spice in your relationship, I would suggest try doing some things that you like and ask her what she likes, intimacy is all about chemistry knowing each other likes and dislikes and giving them what they need all about communication never feel shy to talk about your intimacy with your partner, whether it’s a long-distance relationship of normal relationship opening up about intimacy with your partner is really important to get that strong connection that will keep you together and help you to understand each other more and have that love get deeper.…