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13 Quick Action You Can Do Today to Simplify Your Life

1.Morning jog

In this modern age, fitness is all about hitting the gym. Protein intakes and steroids have become common in the grind towards getting a ripped physique. What happened to an old fashioned morning jog? A morning job is beneficial to our body in countless ways. It brings about a certain harmony between your lungs and your heart as they work together and get the blood flowing. It is also a great time for you to play your day.

2. Make a list of your daily tasks in the order of importance

An organised day is a productive day. List out all the tasks of your day and rank them in order of importance. You can try Wunderlist to create your daily goals. Eliminate the not so important tasks that take up a lot of time. This will free up time in your schedule that can be used to do other activities like a hobby or maybe spending time with the wife and kids.

3. Live close to where you work/study

A pretty obvious way to reduce travel, avoid traffic and save time. Living close to where you work/study will give you enough time to take a morning jog and have a good meal before you head out. Not to mention the fuel you will save getting there will also reduce your carbon footprint.

4. Pack light

It takes a lot of practice but if done right, packing light is extremely satisfying. Not only will you have less weight to carry, you will also learn to use your resources sustainably. Carry no more than 10 items with you when you head out.

5. Clear and clean your work desk

Nobody likes working at a cluttered workplace. Apart from the obvious mess, it looks shabby and you will also have trouble searching for your stuff. Clear your desk, get rid of unwanted papers and feed your bin or your shredder. Organise your files and documents alphabetically or otherwise depending on your convenience. Have a picture of somebody special framed and put it on your desk to remind yourself about them during your busy day.

6. Reduce usage of social media

We do not realise how much time we waste on social media. Personally, when I open Instagram when I’m working, I lose at least 15 mins. And I reach for my phone a lot so that is a lot of time wasted. And it is not just Instagram. People use Facebook, snapchat, twitter, reddit, tinder and other social interactive apps for hours together. Seeking validation from strangers has become common among the millennials, I wonder why.

7. Get rid of things you don’t need

Minimise your possessions. Do not be extremely materialistic. Would that extravagant stone statue of a cannon look good in your lawn, of course! But before any outrageous purchase, ask yourself. Do you really need it?

8. Reduce your use of technology

Humans have been screen slaves. We have surrounded ourselves with Mobiles, computers and televisions. In this technological day and age, we have machines replacing humans at a rapid rate. Although it is not a bad thing to keep up with the times, sometimes it is just too much. People have forgotten the simple pleasures of life. I get it that few modern techs like auto garage door openers are fun tech, but you can’t be a slave of this new tech world. You might miss something beautiful happening as you’re walking down the road because you were busy looking at your phone. Air purifiers at home reduce the immunity of little kids, they are vulnerable when they step outside the house. Take a break from technology to remind yourself how simple life was during a time without gadgets.

9. Start using organic replacements of commercial products

Headache? Aspirin. It’s that easy now. Whatever happened to taking a steam? Commercial products make life easier and convenient. But it does not mean they are better right? Reduce buying commercial products in favour of natural practices and methods. Who needs a face pack when you have some lemons, and curd at home. It works the same and you save some cash so it is a win-win.

10. Grow your own food

What better way to get the best quality of food than to plant it yourself! You will not have to be concerned about whether the vegetables have been sprayed with harmful pesticides and fertilisers. Or any kind of unnatural growth formulae mixed into the soil for them to grow. A vegetable garden is a brilliant idea to help you enjoy your healthy food knowing that it hasn’t been tampered with.

11. Reduce your social circle

The more friends you have, the more plans you make and the more you go out. Every person has a small group of friends whom they think the world of. It is a small group because they are the ones who have been through the good and bad. Keep fake friends at bay to save yourself valuable time and energy.

12. Say no

Learning to say no is an important life hack. People say yes because they want to seem nice. But if you don’t want any part in it, why say yes. It will put you in a spot where you have to do something you absolutely have no interest in doing. Which in turn means you will not do it well. Saying no can be healthy, sometimes.

13. Quality over quantity

Putting quality over quantity is a sign of being a mature person capable of thinking about the long run. Any item that is well put together will last you a long time. And you will take care of it with all your heart as it gives you complete satisfaction. This includes both animate and inanimate objects.…